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Originally Posted by SarahLynn123
When we go on vacation is it OK to feed kibble for that time? It would be very tough to feed a raw diet at someone elses house or in the car!!!
Very good question that I'm interested in seeing someone answer. I can't feed RAW now, until I move into a house that has space for a decent size freezer.

If I decide to do it, I have to take into account that there are two weeks a year that without fail Harley has to be boarded at her vet's. If I fed raw all year round, what would happen for those two weeks? Will kennels feed RAW? Somehow I doubt it, where would they have the space? Do you have to basically detox your dog back on to kibble, leading to these boarding times?

Harley is super-sensitive to food changes, as my carpet can attest to (may it rest in peace!).
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