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Originally Posted by technodoll
the 1.4 lbs you calculated (round it up to 1.5!) includes *everything*, as long as you remember that a proper prey model diet is:
-10 to 15% bones
-60% meat
-10% organs
-the rest is "other stuff" ie fish, eggs, grains & dairy if you choose to feed that, table scraps, etc
Just to add to that: To make it easier, from my understanding you don't have to feed that percentage at every meal, you just have to ensure that overall, that's what they are eating. You could even break those percentages over a week (for your dog, about 10 lbs a week, so 1 to 1.5 lbs of bone, 6 lbs of meat, 1 lb of organ, whatever...) it's not an exact science. Technodoll, am I right? (this is not my area of expertise...)
I probably should move in that direction. I have 130 lbs of dog to feed though, that's a lot of freezer space. Right now I do about 1 in every 3 meals is raw. I stock up on chicken backs and when legs go on for less than 69 cents! Once in a while our farmers market people have lamb rib cages which are big favorites around here. But my guys won't eat raw organ meat either. Weird!
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