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My GSD is 70lbs, so she would eat about 1.4lbs of food. Is this just raw meat, or does the 1.4lbs include veggies and whatever else we throw in there? Does it also include the bones that they wont beable to eat? (thigh bones etc)
the 1.4 lbs you calculated (round it up to 1.5!) includes *everything*, as long as you remember that a proper prey model diet is:
-10 to 15% bones
-60% meat
-10% organs
-the rest is "other stuff" ie fish, eggs, grains & dairy if you choose to feed that, table scraps, etc

and a GSD is more than capable of eating all the bones in chicken, duck, rabbit, quail, cornish hen, etc - what you want to watch out for are the weight-bearing bones of large ungulates, as well as thick pork leg bones. too hard to break & they can actually chip teeth, so supervise if given to the dog as a chew-toy. Many dogs power through a whole turkey but my big boy has trouble with the wing & leg bones, he breaks them into chunks and swallows whole, they come out of his butt in a mess sooooo i don't offer those to him. he has no problems with the neck, back & ribcage bones though.

btw, bones that don't get broken down into paste in the strong digestive stomach juices (it happens sometimes) usually come up the next day, we call them the "urka gurkas", very efficient digestive system those dogs have!
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