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Not stupid at all Meb! Funny you should ask about the dragging the food around, as just a few days ago, I started a thread on that one. (Eating on my carpet). Layla would take mouthfulls of food over to my carpet and eat it there Technodoll made a great suggestion that solved the prob entirely: go buy a couple of those carpeted door entrance mats (the big ones), put her bowl next to it, and it has become her area to eat the food. I have a couple so that I can rotate (one is in use, one is being washed/dried, one is clean).

I've only ever had to wash layla's face when she first started out, and she would get juice all over her. I usually give her paws a good wipe after, but we usually go for a walk shortly after, and she goes for a swim and cleans herself off.
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