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I just started raw a little while ago, so I'm still lerning. I've read about 8 books and 20 websites on it, but I stil have sooo much to learn. I'm pretty similar to technodoll, except that Layla adores fish, so I include raw fish in the diet, most of the time you can find this pretty cheap from a fish monger, but a month or so out of th year, prices do rise, so stock up when there are sales! (having a deep freeze is an asset!) I also give Layla veggies, but that is because she looooooovves them! zthey are by no means a major source of calories, more of somethig to chew on.
Layla doesn't do that well on chicken beef or pork (what is interesting, is that commercial dog fod with these meat in it gives her a HORRIBLE allergic reaction, where as these meats when served raw, only give her a minor reaction) So I stick to fish, lamb, duck, rabbit, venison and of course eggs. These are deffinately more expensive meats than chicken pork and beef, but it is still cheaper than kibble. (I get my food from a couple of butchers and mongers depending on the meat). I don't grind my bones, 99% of the time, bones don't need to be ground, only if your dog has certain medical conditions.
I keep a small rubbermaid container in my freezer with the portioned meat/fish in it. Then I have another one in my fridge, set up so that there are two of the same size stacked up (no lids). The inside container has small holes punched in it so that if the defrsoting meat leaks any liquids, they fall into the second container and the meat isn't sitting in a pile of liquid. This makes it a little easier to deal with.
I don't eat a lot of meat either, so I really only work with Layla's meat. So long as you keep your counters, fridge and freezer, dishes and hands clean, you shouldn't have to worry about pathogens.
While I was researching, I found this product which is prepackaged raw. I see no need to use it because Raw is so easy. But if you're really squeamish about the meat, it might be an idea.
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