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here's my 2 cents worth! LOL

Has there been any change in your life/routine that may have affected your pooch? ie. a new partner or loss of partner, a new job or different work hours, new pet/loss of pet, roomate - basically any change that the dog may not be comfortable with??
Any changes in her exercise routine?? Is she getting suffiecient exercise?

If allergies can't be diagnosed, my thoughts are that this has turned into more of a neurological problem or should I say obsessive compulsive problem OR it has become habit forming. Does she have anxiety?? Is she a nervous type dog??
{It's kind of like when a dog has a hot spot, the more they lick it, the worse it gets - and for many dogs it starts to become a habit because the licking makes it feel better, but in actuality, it makes the spot worse}
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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