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Chipped teeth are very common in dogs and are usually traumatic in origin some dogs eat bones, sticks or stones that cause the teeth to chip, while others just rough play or bang the teeth on something causing them to chip.

The big question on what to do hinges on whether the chip or fracture has gone through the root or not. If it has, then either endodontic treatment (root canal like us) can be performed or the tooth can be extracted dental euthanasia! Essentially treatment is aimed at preventing pain and infection. If the chip or fracture does not involve the root then you can either opt to leave it, reshape and/or remodel the tooth or help restore the tooth to its original tooth appearance use enamel resin or through a crown (costly).

I would rec. you find a veterinarian that is more experienced in advanced dental procedures or ask your veterinarian to refer you to a dental specialist if he does not feel comfortable handling this situation. The determining diagnostic procedure is a dental x-ray to help determine if the chip has involved the root or not and also to look for obvious colour change or looseness of the tooth. Do not automatically assume the extraction will always be necessary.

I am personally confronted with many dental fractures or chips or advanced periodontal disease in my hospital.

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