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I'm Stacy in Toronto. My man and I have 2 cats Angus(m) and Finn(f). He didn't have pets growing up, but my family has always had cats. Growing up we had Tigger, her daughter Snuggles (named by my little brother), Speck and her son Stupid, don't worry everyone was eventually spayed or neutered. Tigger was a stray that hung around our house, so we eventually let her inside and she made herself at home, she was pregnant so we kept her only surviving baby. Speck was a kitten when her I found on my paper route when I was 12, unfortunately we didn't get her spayed quickly enough, she had a litter of 4, we kept her only son. When we finally buy a house we'd like to get dogs (I want 2, but the man says no way, only 1. We'll see about that ). I'm aunt to 2 cats, Finch and Murray, a JRT named Belle and an albino hedgehog named Tumbleweed.
"One cat just leads to another." - Ernest Hemingway

Meowy Meowers - Angus n' Finn - 5 yrs old
Barky Barker - Skylar - 4 yrs old??
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