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the only thing is, i dont know when or if it the chewing situation is potentially getting better because my dog wears the darn cone whenever i am gone and i dont trust to take it off of her because the damage she could potentially do to her foot in an hour could then take months to heal...
like, look at the images i sent
she never used do this and then within the last 9 months it has became a prominent was never an issue with my dog before and she had been on numerous foods in the past with no problems...
this is so frustrating.
the vet has her on Azathioprene (50mg tablet per day)- but i took it upon myself to take her off of it cuz it wasnt stopping her from chewing and it is bad for her kidneys...
my vet seems rather clueless on this issue at this point, it just seems like we try something new every 2 weeks and it is just a mess
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