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Yeast Infections/ allergies

Okay I am no expert, I just recently am finding out that Nutro dog food is not what it is cracked up to be. I had two dogs chewing paws, scatching ears, thinning hair, brown gut in their ears, running their face across furniture like they where scraching. Took them to vet and he wanted to do all kinds of tests which where not cheap. I considered but wanted to see if this would work first.

My main concern was that one was chattering his teeth.

I went holistic after doing much research on the internet, and the vet telling me change them to Science Diet Z/D. I put them on this food, if though I didn't care for Science diet, for 4 days, knowing that my German Shorthair Pointer was on it for all of her life, and then got a fiberous tumor on her upper back leg at age 12. I first noticed small lump, and within 6 weeks she couldn't walk, and we had to put her down. We buried her in the backyard, because to many stories of where some of these decreased animals actually go!!!
Anyway we now have the two GWP on Eagle Pack Holistic Duck and Oatmeal, and I also have them on Nzymens. I was worried about the chattering, but I am happy to report, that I feel Yager seems like he is slowing down on the chattering. I think what I am doing is helping, Whether it is the food or Nzymens, I think it is a combination of both, but I think the Nzymens people have something here. Anyone that would like to research this just go to I feel it would be worth it if you think your dog has allergies and or skin problems etc etc.

I will update in a couple of weeks on the progress of my babys. So far I am seeing a difference in the attitudes, coats, and even the chattering is getting less and less.
Thanks Elaine

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