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Hi Sways, first off, you need a second opinion on the allergies, not only does it sound like she's got em, but Purina anything is crap food and full of stuff that could be making her worse - despite her liking it. Innova makes a very good food for dogs with allergies and sensitivities - more about that here in the Pet food forum that you might want to check out. Prin is our resident food expert AND has a very handsome dog that has mad allergies to chicken, so hopefully she'll weigh in here soon. That being said, find out if your vet does an allergy panel, much like in humans, to see if you can pinpoint through bloodwork (rather than trial and error) what's the underlying cause of her allergies. Sadly, most vet's, though knowledgeable about lots, have NO CLUE about food and will push any old thing, regardless of how bad it really is (Purina foods have heinous ingredients and so there's a reason they put by-product rather than stating what - if they even know). I hope your girl feels better soon and please check back with an update on how she's doing.
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