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Unhappy Skin Irritation

I am hoping someone can help!

I have a 3 yr old Yellow Lab who has a skin irritation on her paws (on the skin in between her "toes"). This has been recurring for the last year and has been treated with antibiotics and predisone. My vet has suggested that she has a food allergy and has put her on a hypo allergenic food (duck and potato) and gets NO other food or treats whatsoever.

Since this has been recurring since we changed her food, I think that it's not totally food related. I use a detergent with no perfunes or dyes and no fabric softeners and we have little carpet in our house, it's mostly hard wood.

She has been treated with strong antibiotics and predisone, and this does help but it has not totally disappeared. Her skin is red, swollen and oozes gooey stuff and she licks constantly.

If this is an allergy, is there some allergy drug that she can take that is safe on a long term basis? I don't want to keep her on the antibiotics and predisone forever. Since we don't know the cause, I am at a loss for what to do.

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