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Talking Thanks Lucky

Thanks for the info on Petfinder. I honestly did not occur to me that the there would be disrepuatable rescue groups. then I read some postings and got worried

The kid is over 8 actually (8.5years) this is a mellow kid. we always say that he is the reincarnation of a 80 year old victorian spinster. Not rambuctious and amazing with respect for animals

this is the kid who last spring found a featherless baby bird on the ground(which I told him would die) took it in- reseached on the net- got mammal milk- got up at night fed it on his own- raised it then slowly reintroduced to to the wild (it would come back all summer and perch on his head in the back yard and have a treat while all his bird friends sat on the fence and looked jealous). Not your average kid with animals....

I guess that is why it is frustrating to have him condemed with rowdy 3 year olds.

I would say small to medium dog- I love big dogs but do not have the lifestyle for one. Not a Jack Russell though

I have emailed a few of the rescue groups and have been told that they will not adopt to under 10's. The responses have bordered on rude.

I feel strongly about rescues- but feel pushed away

I will try to email the group again (this will be the third since the application)- the dog is still posted.....

Thanks again Jo
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