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Unhappy Cat has cancer - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi everyone. I'm new to this and appreciate your patience. Our 10-year old tom, Lincoln, started vomiting bright yellow fluid. Vet x-rayed him and found a "mass" in his belly. Today's ultrasound found 8-12 masses in his abdomen, largest being a walnut-sized one on his lymph node and somewhat smaller ones on his bladder and liver. Vet rules out surgery due to number of tumors. He's recommending fine needle aspirate to attempt to determine type of cancer and if it is treatable. My understanding is that if treatable, likely treatment would be radiation or chemo which would possibly extend his life 3 months to a year. 2 years ago, Lincoln developed fatty liver, and we had to do the tube thing. We thought we lost him, but we were given a reprieve -- until now. Our other 2 cats have cut him off, and in some ways it seems cruel to make him go through this trauma (again). In the last 2 days his appetite dropped off and all he wants to do is sleep, and we're worried again about the liver condition coming back. Vet is out until Monday. We're devastated. Does anyone have any words of advice or thoughts?

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