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Question best food for kitty with bladder problems

A couple months ago I noticed my cat had problems going to the bathroom. The next day after that, he was leaking reddish colored urine. Of course, I whisked him to the vet right away! His urinalysis showed he had a lot of blood and mucus in his bladder and very few crystals (the vet concluded the mucus was blocking it). I couldn't afford to have him catheterized and put under observation, so I went home with some antibiotics, amitrypline, and Medi-cal Dissolution Formula (canned). He was on the pills for three weeks and everything cleared right up ater a lot of prayer and loving!

Unfortunately I couldn't afford the vet food and bought him some Whiskas (bad idea, I know) afterwards. It was only supposed to be until I had enough money for the good stuff. But...I fed him that food yesterday and he immediately began getting sick again. He's running to his litterbox every five minutes and his urine has blood in it again. I managed to borrow some money from my mom and I'm going to pick up some more food from the vet as soon as I can. I've learned my lesson - the Whiskas is going in the garbage where it belongs!

I can't afford another vet examination until next week, but I have a feeling that his problems are caused by infections in his urinary tract, rather than crystal formation. He also hates canned food...he quit eating the canned Medi-Cal my vet recommended and I had to start him on the dry stuff. I've been reading a lot of both good and bad stuff about Medi-Cal and was wondering if I should try a different food afterwards...perhaps something along the lines of a holistic food. After I started him on the Medi-Cal his health improved considerably. He was always a little overweight and now he's actually quite lean. His coat is very shiny now, whereas before it was kinda dull and he was losing a lot of fur. He began to have really bad breath (which I thought was a dental problem), but when he began eating the good food that went away, and some blackish discolorations he had on the roof of his mouth are gone too. So it couldn't be too bad (although after a steady diet of Friskies and Whiskas it's no wonder!). But I'm wondering if there is anyone out there with the same problems who feeds their cat something different I could pick up at Petsmart, and helps with urinary problems.

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