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Dog obsessed with drinking water - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

I have a 10 month old Boxer who is absolutely obsessed with water, is this normal? Or do you think something is wrong? He drinks it as if he's been in a dessert for a week without any! If you gave him a bucket full of it he would drink and drink until its gone. We don't let him drink a lot at a time b/c of Bloat, so we're constantly stopping him. But even when we bath him he freaks b/c he's just trying to drink the water coming out of the shower head, seems a bit over the top. If he see's a puddle he'll lick it bone dry if you let him. He tries to drink the water in our backyard where our fence posts are! He's so obsessed with it, we take it away from him after a certain time at night just so he's not peeing all day the next day and he constantly walks around where it would be looking for it... He is crated all day while we're at work, and we have a friend the checks on him in the middle of the day. We don't put water in his crate b/c we've tried everything and no matter what he tips it over and just makes a mess, so we gave up on that, we literally tried everything, plus he pee's in his crate too, probably b/c all the water he drinks. The lady that checks on him gives him a very small amount, again b/c we don't want him peeing in the afternoon, which he does anyway. Does any of this sound normal to anyone, or think something may be wrong with him? Other then this he's completely fine, seems very healthy, very active and just a wonderful dog, but I'm wondering if we should take him to the vet or if some dogs just love water that much? Thanks!
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