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First Off I want to say how happy I am to have found this forum, So far all my questions have been answered and now i know what to do with my Dog.

My problem is that i had gone away for a week left my Dog in the care of my Family. My Dog Nicodemus, needed to be groomed badly. So my family toke him to a Groomer's (i will neglect to say who) I called my family and they said he had a good time and everything was fine.

When i came back home, I too thought everything was fine Until later the next day I noticed My dog wasnt the behaving as his usually energetic self. He was always next to me and very sullen. He seems to always want to be on top of me, even as I am typing He's on my lap. And thats not usually the way he is.

Now i thought it was my absence from him, it could be part of it, That is till when i toke him to my grandmother's and she too noticed his less then energized playful self wasnt there. Even going to state "That's not my Nico." I dont know what went on at the groomer's but I am seriously depressed myself to that my dog isnt as free and happy as he used to. I am immediately going to the Vet this weekend to see if anything can be resolved. In the meantime the best I can do it be around him and make sure he's at his happiest.

Thank You, Dr. Van Lienden for your Answers and Input and to all those with the same problem, I wish you luck that all your pets return to their normal self.
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