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It's always heart breaking to hear your puppy whining when you leave. But fear not, your dear Luna will make it!! I had the worst time with my puppy when she was 3 months and I had to work full time. I also live in an apartment building, fourtunately my neighbours have not complained about the noise, but a friend of mine in the building would have constant complaints about her dog barking (which NEVER barks!!) and about his claws makig noise on the hard wood floors!! In your case, the tenant has not complained, and the management has not said anything, don't worry!!!

One thing, are you going back inside once you hear Luna crying? If so, this might be feeding her whining and barking... if the dog senses that when they cry and whine you will come back, then it will not stop. They are thriving on the negative attention.

As for the create, does Luna have many play toys and rawhide. It's simply bordem that makes her chew the cardboard. My pit bull puppy was a complete terror in her create. I found that sectioning off the kitchen for her to do her business was a life safer. Now at 7 months she has graduated to having the diing room as well!!!

Do not distress, your puppy is little, she will learn, and accept the fact that you have to work and you're not always around.

P.S. I found that an off leash park is the best way to socialize my puppy and meet new people that have faced similar probelms, but just remember to go with your heart... if you are uncomfortable about giving medicine to you puppy don't do it!!! they are little, and we really have no idea what it might do to a little puppy!!!!
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