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Nail Trimming Drama

Happy Monday all. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Tinkerbell (my black lab) graduated from obedience class yesterday - complete with a graduation cap! Before we went to class we decided to trim her nails. My husband bribed her with treats and I cut away. Unfortunately I cut her quick and she started to bleed. I got out the corn starch and we stopped the bleeding quickly. When we got to class it opened up again and after a few tense minutes in the lobby we fixed her up. I'm not too interested in cutting her nails again and don't want to start spending money that could be used for dog toys on groomers.

Our trainer mentioned something about a Dremel attachment you can buy for nail trimming that files down the nails. I've read a few reviews online and people seem to like it. Amazingly it's not too loud either!

I'm wondering if anyone here has used this. Thanks!
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