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I did some research on cat food. Right now the food that I'm giving them only has 4.1% fiber. I found a different brand that has twice that amount. So, I may try that. It's Iams regular dry cat food.

I was giving them dry food and canned. I have one cat who is about 15lbs. She is getting heavy, and she's on the small boned side. Lucky is around 13lbs. But the rest of them are about 9lbs/ 8lbs. So two of them I have to watch what they eat, and since stopping the canned food, I've noticed those two taking some weight off. It's hard to give more food to othe other cats and try to make sure the other's don't get so much because they all eat out of the same bowls and they are left out all the time. I have one cat who is extremely picky about when she eats. So, I have to leave some out for her.

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