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I have 2 chihuahuas who hate having their nails clipped. At first, ChiChi (blonde male chi) didn't mind until I clipped Baby's (mocha female chi) nails and she yelped. Now, he reacts the way she does (bites, squirms, etc.) so that I can't clip his nails either.

Why can't they be as calm as my cat, who practically sleeps through the trimmings I give him.

Unfortunately, the Chi's aren't very social dogs around strangers, so when I take them to the vets they nuzzle them and attempt to trim their claws but the dogs always go through what seems to be panic attacks (throw up, tear up, squirm, growl, etc.)

I'm so desperate for help. One of the technicians at the Vet's office told me about giving them some Benadryl to calm their nerves, but I'm concerned about this being an effective method. And if it's ok to give it to them, what type (children/adult) and how much?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might be able to provide.
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