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Making your own cat food - My vet doesn't approve

I have been doing canned for years. So I figured for after awhile I would do my own food. My new young cat loved it. The older cat didn't but was starting to get used to it. Just when things were going smooth I had happened to mention to my vet at an appointment that I was doing my own cat food. Immmediately I got a scolding (well it felt like it) of how people could not possibly get the proper balance of right nutrients needed for cats on a daily basis. I brought up the argument that would it be good for humans to eat from a cat every day with fully nutritional complete meals? She wouldn't get into it but kept insisting the cats needed the proper diet. I was so confused and bothered by the whole thing I just didn't argue and switched them back to their canned food diet.

Just wondering how everyone else feels about this? In general are most vets like this?
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