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Perfectly housetrained ... now pooping!

Dear fellow pet lovers,
I have a 2 year old male dog (toy Manchester terrier X Pom) who, over the last couple of months, has started pooping in the house in the morning only. This is not everyday, but often enough that I am frustrated.

As a puppy, we NEVER had trouble with little Jake having "mistakes" in the morning, so I am not sure what is happening. I live in a 2-storey house and jake sleeps on the main floor. In the past, we have been able to rely on either Jake waiting until we got up to go to the bathroom outside, or Jake has come up the stairs to let us know it's time to go. He could usually wait until 8am! Now, he comes upstairs, only to let us know that he needs to pee and/or that he has already pooped.

Of course we have tried the obvious ... ensuring that he has eliminated before bed, making sure that he doesn't eat after 8pm, and even getting up earlier. First it was 6am, then it was 5:30am, then it was 5am ... now it doesn't seem to matter. We are missing it! My next thought was to crate him overnight and keep him in our room. He hasn't been in his crate for about a year, so I hope that he will be ok with it.

Has anyone else experienced this or are we alone out here. I would really appreciate people's thoughts, esp if I am missing the boat out here.

Thanks in advance,
Cee En
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