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I have 2 Dutch Blue Lovebirds. Mine are currently 14 and 15 years old. Both came from a breeder and were handfed, but since I allowed them to be together they no longer have any use for me. And are only semi-tame now. They also scream blue murder if you seperate them. They must be in each others view at all times.

So I definitely reccomend getting only 1, and a male if possible. Make sure you go to a breeder. They are usually familar with sexing them. My breeder was about 90% accurate with sexing just by feeling the pelvic bones. Females sometime do get nasty when they hit breeding age. I find the males could care less about reproducing. My female just turned one day and latched onto my lip, I still have a scar. I didn't want to breed so I returned her to the breeder where she could breed to her hearts content. And that she did. lol

They are really vocal morning and night, at times ear piercing. If you live in an apartment your neighbours might complain. Mine did. LOL

Hmm, what else.. Oh messy.. They are seed flingers. What they don't like in their food dish gets thrown out whether into the bottom of the cage or onto the floor they don't care.

Here's a pic of my 2 old boys. lol
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