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Originally Posted by rivers
I have been admiring your photos for some time now, and frequently take a peek at your webpage.

Could you tell me what camera you are using? My hubby and I are in the market for a new digital camera and would love to get results like you do, although we understand it is your remarkable talent!
Thanks . . . . sorry I didn't see your post earlier and thanks to Prin for answering for me.

The newer version of the Panasonic DMC FZ20 - the FZ30 - has an 8 megapixel capability, a better detail than the 5.1 megapixel version that I have.

Its basically one step down from having a camera that requires a lot of lenses, etc but flexible enough that its pretty easy to tote around and get the same job done.

When you're reeling in its full 420 mm zoom capability its probably not as sharp as you want it to be unless you're using a tripod . . . but sharp at all other focal lengths.

The manual focus viewer is completely inadequate . . . . . but the auto focus zoning makes that somewhat moot if you're sufficiently practiced at it. Really, not an issue for most people.

A year and a half in, I've waded down too many streams, banged it on too many trees in the forest and dropped it on too much gravel that I'm not sure how much longer its going to hold up . . . . . tough little son of a gun though!!!

Great camera if you're a duffer. I see it's offered in the Globe & Mail today for about $800. With filters, larger capacity card, etc, you might be pushing about $1,000.

I'll probably be upgrading in the next six months to something a little more elaborate.

Rick C

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