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Anesthetic related deaths are devastating to owners and veterinary staff.

Without a post-mortem you would not know the exact cause of death. There may have been underlying cardiac disease that was unmasked with anesthesia: cardiac arrhythmias can be induced by drugs that irritate the heart muscle or interfere with the pacemaker system of the heart. A blood clot could have been formed under these circumstances: impaired heart contractility/rhythm allows for the formation of clots. Prior blood testing/ x-ray films/ultrasound probably would not have shown this tendency.

Heart biopsy may have revealed the problem, but is not realistic as a pre-screening device for anesthesia. The mortality/morbidity would be too high a risk to be used as a screening device.

Anesthetic deaths are usually very low statistically, but if it is your pet, then it is profoundly painful.

Dr. Van Lienden

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