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Well it's been a while now and Halo has not had any more episodes of the bobbles. Interesting though the comment about post vaccine being possible. When Halo had her first episode it was just a day or two after having that flea medication put on her - now I can't remember the name of it because we haven't touched it since - the one that you drizzle on the back of their neck and down to the tail. The vet said it wouldn't be that though. Anyhow, her other episodes were definitely not vaccine related or any product related type times. We have no real diagnosis yet, but no episodes either so that's a good thing. We are right now doggy sitting my son's 4 year old Pom who just recently had a seizure. Their vet can't find anything wrong with the dog, but they were going away and were afraid to leave her in a kennel so soon after the seizure so now I spend my nights listening to see if she's sleeping or seizing... And my days walking three dogs! So far so good, no episodes for the wee one.
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