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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer
Raingirl posted a thread about this some time ago and I had answered that my 5 year old labX Halo shakes her head like Odin does. It's sort of a gentle side to side shaking (like they're saying no no no). We'd both had the dogs to the vet (possible epilepsy) but the seizures (for lack of a better word) were very rare. Halo has had several of these seizures in the past week, they are very short in duration (30-40 seconds) with no other apparent afflictions. She can walk, and comes to see me. Normally she's sleeping or laying down whent hey occur, but the last one she was just standing in the kitchen visiting. I will be taking her back to the vet on the weekend, but I'm not sure what to expect. Chances something would happen while there are slim to none. Could this in any way be related to her multiple food allergies would you think?? It concerns me that she may be having these episodes during the night when I'm not aware of it and therefore don't actually know how often they happen.

So if it is epilepsy how would they test for that? Is it blood work or do they have to do Xrays to look for leisions or something? Just curious what I'm in for? Tks.
Our one chi had seizures when she was almost 6 mos old.She has been on phenobarb since then.Been on it for a little over a yr.Molly had 4 episodes all after we come home from work at night.Vet told us that generally this is when its going to happen..........upon awakening after sleeping for a while.We took her in..........did blood work,took her to Guelph university clinic.They again examined her .Did an ultra sound.It's a process of elimination that vets have to do.There is no actual test for epilepsy.Vet told me she might out grow it as puppies sometimes do .They call it juvenile epilepsy.So we dont know if it is epilepsy she has yet or not.
Now we are weining her off the meds to see what happens.So far so good.
Another thing, you might be interested in.Just got news other day from a breeder on a gene labratory research place in Toronto that now can detect epilepsy through genes.Vet is sending 2 vials of blood from Molly Wed. to get analysed.Alongwith a copy of her pedigree.Amazing isnt it on what research has done for dogs?
Your dog isnt a pure breed Lab?
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