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Thank you for the valuable information Dr. Van Lienden. My golden Molly had her first Seizure last week at 5 years old. Since her seizure, she has been shaking her head and drooling more. Her vet ran all of the tests you've described and they all came back normal. The vet wants to wait a month before prescribing medication for Molly (her seizure lasted a minute). Since Molly is 5 (which seems to be the older end of when Goldens develop seizures), I'm a little concerned that she could have a brain tumor. Her vet can't rule that out, but she doubts that is the cause of Molly's seizure given her age. Any thoughts? If she did have a brain tumor, I would like to know early on so we could possibly treat it. Are there any symptoms (besides seizures) with brain tumors? I just need some guidance on whether I should have an MRI done on Molly.
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