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It is nice to talk to people about him - it makes the loss sort of easier.

He passed away two week ago today & I somehow had it in my mind that it would be easier when we got him back home - I had him cremated - but in having got him back on friday - it has actually made it harder - I think in my mind it was just a bad dream & hadn't happened but now it's final.:sad:

Part of me can't stand the thought of getting another one & having that - I've replaced him thoughts & another part of me can't stand the thought of not having that unconditional love & joy again - I guess 'time heals all wounds' might one day happen.

We've kind of spoke for a female (don't know if I could have a boy so soon) from the breeder that we got him from but it's a waiting game now because he isn't expecting puppies soon but as it was with Taz - the puppy will pick us & if it's meant to be it will happen & if not - then we will wait.

Yes, I do live in Lloyd.
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