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When we lost Taz it was a accident that caused it. My fiance had, had him out for a run in the country - which Taz loved running free & he had found a porcupine. We had brought him into town & phoned the vet because it was sunday & taken him down there. We had taken him there - put him under & pulled the quills & because no one was going to be there to keep an eye on him - were able to bring him home. He passed away with his family around him - on his blanket in the living room in my lap. We were giving him CPR when we rushed him back to the clinic & tried to save him but were unable too. The shock of it all that I am finding SO hard to handle - the hard part was over with - he was home & starting to come around when everything went wrong. He was born on xmas day 2004 & came home with us as my valentine present & from that day on we had only spent a total of 5 nights away from him - he was & will always be in my eyes my baby. He was such a card - he could sing happy b-day to you, howl I love you & knew how to say please when he wanted something. He had this so innocent look when ever he did something wrong - like eat the cushions on the couch or dig up one of my plants in the garden that had something wrong to him in his eyes. He just had such a loving & giving personality that no matter how hard or bad the day was he would give you a kiss & cuddle on the couch to make it all better.

I'm sorry for carrying on so much but it helps to share him with others.
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