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I am going to disagree strongly with this comment, a lot of people I know have same sex siblings and no problems, I know of people who have adopted 3 and 4 littermates and are not dealing with fighting.

I have had greyhounds for a few years now and some can be competitive and will play rough,
You certainly may disagree, but no good breeder would sell siblings to buyers and for good reason. You have greyhounds. These are not greyhounds. These are GSD mixes - two spayed bitches - and can be much more aggressive, territorial and intolerant than greyhounds and are quite capable of fighting to the death.

The original poster seems to not have the time, experience or the ability to seriously work with these dogs, and as Tenderfoot and I both said, there are children here who could be hurt or worse by large aggressive dogs battling.

if you are unable, not willing or don't have the time then you are better off rehoming her before something awful happens.
Agree with that.
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