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Ceili and Bridie are sisters and large dogs. Like yours they would get into some fearsome battles which ended only when they were pulled and held apart. It took several years before a clear Alpha role was established. Over time, with age and as Bridie established herself as the Alpha the frequency and severity of the fighting decreased. As they matured, they were also better trained and more responsive to commands so ending the fights became a little easier. Now, at 6 yrs they will still start in on one another (and they actually do try to rile each other, get the other one in trouble with Mum etc.) and maybe once a year they will fight and have to be separated. When I speak with friends and other dog people who also have sisters they have had the same experiences so I guess it's a "sister-grrrrl thing". I can only tell you that Ceili and Bridie's relationship has improved but not without the help of a lot of behaviour intervention and training. If you want to make a last effort, I would hire (and they are not inexpensive) a behaviour specialist for an in-home consult and then come to a decision.
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