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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
I noticaed your earlier post and I think you have found the reason for the probs - your poor pup is alone too long. I have a friend who breeds Yorkes and she nearly choked when I told her your situation. You will need to find a sitter - this is a baby remember!! When I brought my Siamese kitten home, I took a week off. You may have to find the time - if you want to bring up a healthy happy and well beahved puppy!! You should have sitters and someone coming in to walk her and play with her when you are away.

That is WAY too long for that puppy to be alone - you will weither have to adjust your schedule until she is older or find someone to puppysit or find a good doggy daycare. Do you have a relative or friend who could sit - take turns?
While I realize that she is home alone quite a bit - I do know that she and the cat play most of the day together, and we all have lots of play/train/attention time before and after I leave. I also have my neighbor and her kids stop in whenever they are available to give her some attention. I don't think she is a badly behaved pup at all, just having normal puppy concerns. She's actually the "teacher's pet" at puppy obedience school! She's coming along quite nicely and has adjusted very well to the schedule that we have.

I am currently looking into other alternatives for puppy sitting/walking/boarding to see if there is something within a reasonable price range in my area. I left a message for the closest sitter service yesterday and they haven't gotten back to me ! So I will keep looking. In the meantime, I am thinking to pay my neighbor's daughter to come by after school and watch the pup every day. We'll see how it works out. I will definitely keep everyone posted! Thanks for the responses!!
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