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Originally Posted by LianneCatherine
My 5 mos. old teacup yorkie has a huge playpen (with toys, a carrier to sleep in, and food/water) that I leave her in when I am at work during the day. I leave around 8:30 am every morning and don't return home until around 6pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays I have class in the evening, and can't stop home beforehand, so I don't get home until 10pm or 11pm. On Mondays my neighbor comes by to watch her a bit in the evening.
IMO, this is way too long for a pup to be alone. Dogs are social animals, they need interaction. If I were you, I'd look into doggy daycare, or having someone come in during the day, and again at night on those days you're gone for so long. Your pup will need playtime - handling - interaction.

that said, you could use pads forever. My friend does this w/ her tiny maltese. He has a designated area w/ a pad - and uses this. She simply puts down a fresh pad when soiled.

My dog is crated for 3-4 hrs each morning, then my bf comes home for lunch and either spends a whole hour w/ him (playing/walking outside) or takes him to work with him for the afternoon. My dog is never left alone for longer than 5 hrs with no one to check in on him. On days when neither of us can get home for him, he goes to daycare.
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