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Exclamation Puppy Feeding/Potty Schedule for Busy Owner


My 5 mos. old teacup yorkie has a huge playpen (with toys, a carrier to sleep in, and food/water) that I leave her in when I am at work during the day. I leave around 8:30 am every morning and don't return home until around 6pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays I have class in the evening, and can't stop home beforehand, so I don't get home until 10pm or 11pm. On Mondays my neighbor comes by to watch her a bit in the evening.

My question is, will it be possible to train her to go outside given the long stretches of time that she will be in her playpen? Should I just use the potty pads forever, or until I am not in school anymore? Also, I leave food and water for her all day long. Should I only be feeding her at certain times and then take it away?

What does everyone else do with their dogs when they are at work? Crate? Playpen? Hired dog-walker?

I am yearning for the day that my house isn't a big poo pad!

This is my first doggy so I am a little lost. Thanks for your help!!
Lianne Catherine >^..^<
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