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one more thinng about Biscuit

I wanted to add too that neither dog has an issue with dominance over my husband or I (although, one evening my husband tripped over her while she was sleeping and she woke up and tried to bite him - I believe that was something different than a dominance thing). She allows us to pet her while they are eating, I've removed toys from their area, they are not allowed on the furniture or in our bedroom, and they are both housebroken. Biscuit will allow us to back her, and she will lower her head and tuck her tail if corrected.

Now with the kids, she does show dominance - she tries to push them while playing, and when I said she bites on them I meant that she play bites, mouths them I guess. They correct her by sternly saying no, but she doesnt' really listen to them. It's only when my husband or I correct her does she listen. We do NOT allow them to bother the dogs while eating, just in case.

They are indoors in the evening, and outside in our fenced backyard most days. They are very protective of the house and yard, and will bark at any stranger or animal that comes near.

Thank you for any advice you may have!
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