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Hey what's wrong with a small froo froo dog! my little dog is as good as the big guys but tracks less mud into the house after we've been out walking, he was cheaper to have neutered!

Charley stuck to his morning pee schedule (6 am) until he was about 10 months old. On the week-ends, he'd need to go out, but would happily go back to bed once he was done.

He usualy poops around meal time (mostly after but sometimes before if we wake up late) and he eats twice a day. breakfast is when ever I wake up, 6 am on week-days, 9-10 am on week-ends, dinner is around 18:00. I have a fenced yard so walking and going for a poop aren't the same 'activity' I guess you'd call it, if he needs to go he just asks for the door (or paces if I miss seeing him waiting at the door).

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