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Why should you wait til they're 18mos old? I was just curious because don't the sled dogs up north start on a pulling team by 6 mos of age? Can it harm their development in some way or is just a hgher risk of injury due to muscles and bones still growing? My pup is immensely strong and when he gets overly excited about meeting another dog it can take all my strength and then some to hold him back until I've placed him into a down or sit position. I'm still trying to find an obedience class around because Toby could definitely benefit from some more obedience lessons. I actually hooked him onto an empty toboggan the other day and it didn't faze him in the least. He just carried on like there was nothing new happening. I had him on leash and walked him like normal that time just to see what he would do.
I'm definitely gonna try some of those direction lessons with him. Thanks so much for the advice.
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