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So let me get clear - are you saying a cat can't learn manners? If they can - then who teaches them? If a mother cat were protecting her kittens wouldn't she pressure the aggressive cat away? Would that aggressive cat learn NOT to mess with the other cats kittens? Birds are not domesticated either but they learn from pressure and release just as every other animal we have ever worked with. Pressure does not have to be mean, but setting a clear boundary is every animals right.
Sorry that this cat was there first, yes there is a period of adjustment, but frightening a dog to the point of not eating is not okay and its time to learn to get along. Cat does not have to like the dog but he should also learn that it is not okay to terrorize the dog.
I am sorry but it seems that cats are being held in some 'special' catagory of ability to learn and personally I think they are way too smart for that.
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