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How Dogs Think

I recently read "How Dogs Think" by Stanley Coren and would highly recommend it to new dog owners, those thinking of owning a dog, or those who own dogs. It is a very good read that is both informative and quite entertaining. Stanley Coren is a great writer who uses scientific research to back up his claims but at the same time uses humour to lighten the read and make it more enjoyable rather than textbook style. He explains why dogs behave the way they do and how they see the world around them including us!

Stanley Coren explains how dogs use their different senses in their everyday lives. He dedicates a chapter to the "Canine Sixth Sense" and whether or not it exists. He also touches on the genetic basis of behaviour. He explains the different stages of puppyhood and what is learned during this time.

A very good book! I finished it within a few days of starting it.
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