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Thanks Prin -
What a beautiful photo!!! That's excellent.
I've only been in Montreal for a week, actually Pierrefonds, and feel a culture shock to see all of the parks here have signs up with no dogs allowed on them. Sheesh. We moved from Toronto, where I recall only seeing one such sign in a tiny little park. Now I feel like I have to sneak around. I don't know if we just chose the worst suburb or if it's all like that. Good thing we have a good backyard, but right now I'm walking in the street because there are no real sidewalks and the parks are off limits. I feel like a walking menace here. Things sure have changed with regards to dogs it seems, nowadays the dog should be trained to allow a kid to cut it's ear off with a pair of scissors without biting. When I was a kid, the dogs barked and bit if we did something stupid, then we learned our lesson. However, a kid these days can get away with murder. Interesting world.
Thanks for your response, it's very good.
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