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Silent Spring is a good read to get the other side of the story. However it is extremely outdated. Most everything in it has been disproved by good ol' science. In a Dark Wood and But is it True deal with this book extensively.

Like I said...the books above are all referenced extremely well with scientific data...even Michael Crichton's (although his does present do environmental groups). Also, none of them say global warming isn't happening. Scientists agree the earth temperature has raised 0.3C since the start of the industrial revolution (source of excess CO2). They just question the mass hysteria around it and present factual data. That is all that matters. I just wanted to point out some very good books that present data...not heresay. After reading them a person can judge for themselves.

As an aside, here are some global warming facts. Just something to think about.

1. As measured by surface stations the average earth temperature has raised 0.3C. However, satellite data shows the earth's average temp. has actually decreased slightly. Scientists have no explanation for this.
2. Some large cities have experienced larger average temp. increases (ground data) up to 1.5C. This is called the Urban Heat Island effect. It is unrelated to global warming and is instead related to the replacement of green space by reflective surfaces such as rooftops, concrete, and asphalt. Global Climate Models try to account for this by lowering the ground data temps., but there is a lot of discrepancy and unknowns. If your city feels hotter...this is why, not global warming. 0.3C is imperceptible.
3. The edges of Antartica have been melting since the industrial revolution. However, the ice thickness on the central portion of the continent has gotten hundreds of feet thicker. Scientists have no explanation, but one theory is the slightly higher global temperatures are increasing ocean evaporation rates and this extra moisture in the atmosphere is being deposited at the poles.
4. There is no evidence that sea levels are rising any more than normal. In fact, sea levels have fluctuated wildly in history and were hundreds of feet lower prior to the last ice age. Also, some scientists believe the increased evaporation rates caused by potentially higher global temperatures would offset the sea level rise due to glacier melt. No one really knows though.
5. The same GCMs that are currently predicting our future global warming doom and gloom have yet to predict an el nino event duration or intensity within 400%. That is no more than a guess. Yet some scientists quote these models like they are the absolute truth. In fact, weather cannot be predicted more than 10 days in advance.
6. The period around 1940 is the hottest on record, despite lower CO2 levels...not the 1980s and 1990s.
7. A quick look at the hurricane record shows that hurricane intensity and frequency have actually been declining in the past 10-20 years. 2005 was a bad year, but it was an anomoly. The record also shows that hurricane trends tend to be cyclic. There is no correlation with CO2 levels and hurricane intensity.

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