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oh good thread and very relevant

well if anyone wants to hve a good geographically appropriate read and find a background in our modern env issues i would reccomend they start with that old classic 'Silent spring' by rachel carson, still relevant today if not more so...

recently i saw a brilliant interview with L. Hunter Lovins (what a legend) who has helped release a new book on environmental economics ( Titled natural capatilism) and its relationship with economic growth in todays society, i have only managed to read parts of it but its really good stuff, far more interesting than my old env economics text for sure, sadly i cant remember the co authors name (an aussie) right now, but its easy to find, and any thing by L. Hunter Lovins is just really good stuff with plenty of thinking matter. obviously using our lands are important and may jsut be the way foreward.

sorry to disagree, but Michael Chriton jsut scares me and i find him quite irrisponsible., fiction writers really should reserve their opinions on such matters until they secure the adequate education and not jsut the dollars. how many ppl have siad to me since the release of that book 'oh didnt you hear, global warming and climate change dont exist' uhhhuuu, hmmm really scary stuff. i doubt he meant for ppl to take this attitude, but thats what happens when you relaese feel good info to the general mases, they will grab onto anythign that makes them feel better.

he may have great references, but if you check out the for argument team you will find dozens and dozens of the worlds leading climatologists who disagree with his theory, and theirs is an opinion based on years and years of research and observation, i think this sort of book just offers a way out for ppl, it makes them feel better to believe its not as bad as it truly is (ask those poor little polar bears if its happening, while they drown they may disagree). and it just makes mine and my husbands jobs (and all the other env scientists) a hell of alot harder. (a good read is 'climate change- turning up the heat).

and for a classic read, one may be interested in reading anything by Tim Flannery, yes i disagree with a few of his opinions of weed invasion/control in this land, but in general his stuff is really well written and informative.

and if you have a limited attention span, grab any copy of New Scientist Journal (weekly and cheap) for many current env issues and truths about global warming... i love NS, its a fantastic journal...

ah now thats a good thread indeed
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