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need help on fetching and socialization plz

i hv a female cocker spaniel, 5 years old as some of u might know... i just need some help on fetching... cuz it's a great exercise since my dog has seperation anxiety... which is comin' along real great now... thanx to the help of fellow members of!
back to the topic... everytime i get her hyped up for the ball... she just seems to run to it... and never bring it back... she loves chasing after it... but just don't seem to know how to bring it back... i hv tried pretending to bite it and stuff... and she brought it back once! i gave her a treat rite away... i tried again... but she didn't bring it back... any suggestions?

also... my dogs has some problems socializing with other dogs... she seems so afraid of other dogs, big or small... if they try to play with her... she just stands up against me... looking at me, asking me to help her and pick her up... i really want her to be able to socialize with other dogs... since more and more of my friends r gettin' dogs...

thanks for your time, hope to hear back from u guys~!
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