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Maybe I should have said "touch." The point was not that the dog would like the touch, but that it would be become accustomed to other people touching it and less likely to have its dominant memory be the frightening "assault" of being grabbed from behind. True, the dog will learn this is OK not from the "pat," but from how its owner behaves.

The concern is that Goku might react with inappropriate aggression in the future. I'd think that the more that her owner praises her for a friendly or impassive response, the less likely that would be.

I read a magazine article that said dogs don't like to be patted- I agree if by that you mean "thumped repeatedly on the head with short stokes." I never used the word in that way specific way... To me, I guess it included stroking and scratching. My dogs seem to like that, though only in limited amounts. It functions more like a greeting or the initiation of an interaction- like a smile and eyebrow lift to a person. You'd do it on meeting or starting a conversation, but not continuously all day!!
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