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well start by making sure your dog is DEAD TIRED from a long run or play session, and take advantage of their normal "sleepy hours" too. you can also give a gravol or two to make doggy extra drowsy the first few times, until he learns it's no big drama to get his nails trimmed. try to have someone else at his head while he's lying on his side, to pet his face, perhaps cover eyes with a towel, distract with favorite treats, etc. this gives you free leverage to hold the feet & trim quickly and efficiently. keep styptic powder close at hand in case of accidents, always use a well-oiled and sharp tool, and most of all be firm and confident. if the dog wiggles or starts to panic, take a time-out (dog still lying down as you are the boss and say so, NO running away) to soothe and hush, and start again. try not to make the whole thing last longer than 5 minutes. in the beginning you may only be able to get a few short essentials clippings off the top of the nails, but the point is to do this once or twice per week until it becomes a calm routine for everyone. physically holding a dog down, muzzling, yelling & fighting will only result in panic, struggle and fear yelping and possibly biting.
good luck!
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