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Nail Trimming : They say it should get easier ! " Who's They ?"

I've had Kuma since he was 8 weeks old. I have been trimming his nails since then but every time I get the trimmers out, he goes ballistic. He grabs my arms, hand in his mouth, he runs and jumps ( playing ) i try to scolled him and tell him that it's not play time it's trim time and for him to sit still, ever try to keep a German Shepherd still ???
Does anyone have any suggestions ( other than a tranquilizer gun ) on how to get him to co-operate with me?
I've even threatened to take him to the vet for a trimming, they put the dogs in straight jackets so they don't move i think!
He is well aware of what the trimmers are, he was introduced to them at a very young age and I've only cut him once... a long time ago.. i'm too afraid to hurt him. ( "THEY" say, they don't forget and I would have to sleep with one eye open if i did cut him !" )
Please, I NEED HELP !
" In dog years, I'm dead !" ! "
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