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Environmental Books

Here are a few books I've read recently that I thought were good and very interesting. I'm a nerd engineer that really enjoys science and is concened about environmental issues. As a result I tend to seek out publications of data rather than just relying on the severely biased media.

State of Fear by Michael Crichton. This is a typical fast read thriller by MC. Very good if you like this sort of book. Although it is science fiction it presents a lot of data (with references) on global warming. After reading the book I studied the references and made a list of about 12 books I wanted to read. The ones below are what I've since finished from that list:

In a Dark Wood by Alston Chase. This is a study on the timber wars of the US pacific northwest in the 80's/90's (think spotted owl). It is very well documented and gives both sides of the story. After reading this I see logging in a whole new (more positive) light. Kind of long but very interesting.

Hot Talk Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate by Dr. S. Fred Singer. This is basically a summary of data on global warming. It tells the side of the story that the media and environmentalists aren't telling. Whether you agree with the opinions or not, the data presented must be answered and considered. I don't believe anyone can have a truly informed opinion on the subject without reading this book. Again...extremely well documented and only 75 pages.

But it it True: A Citizens Guide to Environmental Health and Safety Issues by Aaron Wildavsky. This is a compilation of data on a variety of high profile envronmental issues in the past 50 years (DDT, Dioxin, Asbestos, Love Canal, Global Warming, etc) by a now deceased UC Berkeley professor and his graduate students. It presents everything on the issues from the actual scientific data to how the issues were presented by the media. Again...very well documented. A must read for anyone who has an opinion on these types of issues. Kind of long, but again, very interesting.
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