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Quick note - not to pick on your words Snapper but "patting" a dog has no effect on a dog. I thought it might be a good opportunity to clarify this point. Again - not trying to pick on you Snapper.
Nothing in the natural world 'pats' them. People love to pat dogs and horses - horses only get a 'pat' when they are being kicked by another horse. Some dogs will enjoy a soft patting at the base of the tail, but the best way to win a dog over is to 'stroke' them with a firm long stroke. This actually brings out the 'alpha' brain wave (which is not the dominant brain wave), which is calming and soothing to a dog. It is just like momma licking them. It is comforting, calming and soothing. I often focus over the eyes and between the eyes to get the greatest connection.
Sorry to be so obsessive about the 'patting' thing, but we see people do it all of the time and it would be good for people to understand the difference.
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